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Why Choose Us

Why choose the CEO online shop system?

In this “Era of Data”, an online shop system is no longer simply an online trading platform, but part of a huge trend whereby “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) is combined with different kinds of communication platforms with customers including “social media”, “mobile app” and “big data”.

Years of experience and practical knowledge

Since 2003, we have been engaged in the CRM systems business. We have accumulated years of profound experience in and practical knowledge on customer relationship systems, including a variety of incentive programs, interactive communication platforms, and data marketing schemes which aim to attract return customers.

Growing together with clients

We believe in the principle of “Think Big, Start Small, Grow Fast” in business and therefore we are happy to grow together with our clients. Given the numerous functions of the CEO online shop system, we do not sell large-scale systems to clients that they do not need, but provide the most cost-effective solutions according to their goals and budget.

Surpass the counterparts in the market

Integrated with “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM), “Email Direct Marketing and SMS Promotion Management” (eDM / SMS) and “Online Retail Management” systems developed by our company, the functionality of the CEO online shop system goes beyond online store systems in the market.

Seamless integration with existing sales system

With over ten years of extensive experience in system integrations, we are equipped with comprehensive API documentation programs and can provide you with the most professional advice in process design, data migration, etc., thus facilitating seamless integration with your current system.

Client endorsements are our incentives

We value our relationship with every client, because we believe that the achievements we have today are thanks to the endorsements of each and every one of you. Please refer to the Our Clients page for testimonials.

Happy to share tips with clients about system setup

Our client base extends across the retail and service industries, including shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, cinemas, entertainment, beauty, cosmetics, food, clothing, health care, wet markets, computers and mobile phones, credit, education etc. Our years of experience in the market have given us a deep understanding of the CRM requirements and marketing and promotion strategies of different industries. We are happy to share our expertise with our clients and will continue to interact with the market so that we remain on the cutting edge.

Fast, affordable system upgrade

The function of the CEO online shop system already exceeds the needs of most of the clients in market. However, if you require greater functionality, we can provide a quick and cost-effective system upgrade.

Perfect combination of databank and social media platforms

With rise of “Big Data”, the databank of the CEO online shop system integrates with all sorts of social media platforms perfectly, offering your customers a more interactive experience, and enabling you to have a thorough understanding of their needs.

Your demands are our advantage

We have a dedicated group of programmers to provide customers with a “system customization” service. We believe that your higher expectations of the system only heighten our own competitive advantage.

More than words, just do it!

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