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Member Management

Unlimited number of members. LMS can instantly pull information of individual member, such as membership status, bonus balance, transaction history from CEO Online Store and more. Search member by personal data such as name, mobile or email address, allow user to update member information from web, to keep your database up-to-date at all time.

  • Member Database
  • Membership Upgrade/Downgrade Setting
  • Member Level Discount
  • Review Member Profile & Records

Membership Management

LMS supports multiple member types to be managed in one system, for example: Member Card, Student Card, Staff Card and Pre-Paid Card. Individual Bonus Scheme, Gifts Setting and Benefits for each Member Type. Member Type can be exchanged with Bonus Points.

  • Support Multiple Member Types*
  • Individual Membership Expiry Setting
  • Individual Discount Setting
  • Individual Gift Setting
  • Redeem Membership with Bonus Points*

Bonus Points

Customize and configure your bonus point reward program’s design through membership tiers, levels, status, thresholds, referrals, and triggers. You can also set program instructions for accumulations, acceleration, reversals, and expiration of points. Create campaigns like Happy-hour bonus reward, Birthday-month bonus reward, Referral bonus reward, Visit bonus reward, and more!

  • Happy-Hour Bonus Scheme
  • Birthday-Month Bonus Scheme
  • Friends Referral Bonus Scheme
  • Specific Products Bonus Scheme
  • Bonus Point Expiration, User Configurable
  • Auto Bonus Clearance
  • Individual Bonus Scheme setting for Member Types

Gift Management

Tailor and design your gift redemption list from membership tiers, levels, status, thresholds and triggers. You can set redemption rules for points to redeem, redemption limits, and expiration of gift redemption. Moreover, create different gifts like Online Store Product, Membership, E-coupon, E-cash, and so on…

  • Custom Gift Setting
  • Redemption of Online Store Product
  • Redemption of Online Store E-coupon*
  • Redemption of E-cash*
  • Redemption of Membership*
  • Gift Inventory Management

Report & Analytics

Reporting used to be hard, but with LMS it’s easy. Monitor program activity and progress with over 10 standard reports covering a range of situations. Reports include member, Online Store spending, bonus, redemption, and specialized reports. Just filter what you want, and get an immediate view to your business

  • Member Report
  • Demographic Analysis Report
  • Member Balance Report
  • Online Store Sales Report
  • Top Spender Report
  • Gift Redemption Report
  • E-cash Top-up Report*
  • E-coupon Balance Report*
  • E-coupon Usage Report*
  • Product Buyer Report
  • Active Members Report
  • To-Do Transaction Report*
  • Event Transaction Report*


Manage your E-coupons including creation, distribution, activation, expiry. You can also set E-coupons as a gift to redeem, or to use directly in Online Store. They can be Cash E-coupon, Discount E-coupon, Birthday E-coupon, so on… Likewise, Batch issue of E-coupons allow you to offer reward and keep your members more loyal than ever!

  • Unlimited E-coupon Setting
  • Individual E-coupon Expiry
  • Batch Issues to Selected Members
  • E-coupon can be redeemed as Gift


LMS lets you accept prepaid to E-cash, payments are immediately recorded in database. Depending on your prepaid settings, other actions can be triggered, such as rebating a fixed number of E-cash, or percentage sum based on prepaid amount. You can also set rebate rules for different membership levels.

  • Prepaid E-cash Setting
  • Fixed Amount / Percentage Sum e-Rebate on Prepaid
  • Rebate Scheme based on Member Level
  • Rebate Scheme based on Prepaid Amount

To-Do Management

Support users can access customer information anytime, anywhere to drive customer satisfaction and retention; Track cases directly by assigning, managing, and routing member support cases on LMS to ensure better visibility into case management.

  • To-Do Cases under Each Member
  • Add New Comment on Existing Case
  • To-Do Category / Item Classification
  • Case Status Definition
  • Case Assignation to Specific User
  • Foolow Up Case Indication upon User Login

Event Management

Cure the headaches of promoting your event, LMS helps simplify the administrative work, and lets you focus on creating a great event experience! Within a few minutes you can create one with an event description, and bonus point reward rules. You can also update member’s RSVP record, invitation status, attendance status etc…

  • User Define Event Categories & Description
  • Earn Bonus by Attending Events
  • Check-in & Check-out Events
  • Check-in Reports Import Tool

* Requires Appropriate LMS Modules