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The Most Powerful Online Store

Our most comprehensive and strongest system in Hong Kong, upgrades available anytime

Featuring online store, customer management and digital marketing all in one!

  • Greatest variety of privilege offer settings, giving you the flexibility of setting up the most effective privilege plans on your own
  • Most powerful membership management system enabling you to strengthen customer loyalty
  • Multiple data analysis reports so you can fully grasp customer spending patterns
  • Strongest Email Direct Marketing (EDM) setting and monitoring modules, allowing you to promote marketing messages effectively
  • Most effective telemarketing text messages (SMS) setting and monitoring functions so that your promotion messages reach customers with all types of mobile phones efficiently
  • Strongest social media system which links up with Facebook, WeChat, etc., lets your customers manage their memberships through social media, and also allowing you to create bonus schemes to facilitate your promotion messages
  • Unlimited categorizations and varieties of products with the most flexible settings
  • Responsive webpages give your customers the most comfortable browsing experience, whether using desktops, tablets or mobile phones, thus facilitating successful transactions
  • Huge range of webpage design styles so you can easily choose design solutions that suit your business
  • Multilingual settings enable your customers to select browsing languages
  • Multiple payment / shipping modes so that you can offer your customers the most flexible modes of payment and shipping, adjustable anytime according to your business situation
  • Professional onsite training to help you fully manage the system and maximize its performance
  • Most compressive after sales support services so you can always be worry-free

The system can be easily upgraded, offering you more powerful features:

  • Prepaid stored value, credit recharge rebate
  • E-coupons, coupon expiry notifications
  • Limited time flash offers
  • Automatic reminders for non-active members
  • Tailor-made customer data analysis reports
  • Support for other customized services

Online Store+

The CEO online shop system is not an online shop system! Rather, it is an integration of three prominent systems – customer relationship management (CRM), email direct marketing and SMS Promotion Management (eDM / SMS), and Internet Retail Management (Online Store). It goes beyond all existing online shop systems available in the market.

Using the CEO online shop system, you can set up automatic dispatch of promotional emails, produce well designed emails with minimum effort to send to selected clients, as well as review the view rate, click rate, unsubscribe list and bounce back rate using campaign reports.

The CEO online shop system offers you maximum tiers of member and non-member privilege offer settings, including points, gifts, stored value, gift certificates, and discount management. It is integrated with multiple social media and mobile platforms and with a variety of membership card systems, including the popular “virtual card” which is executed by an app. It also supports different membership categories and automatic membership upgrades, event management and customer complaint management.

Given the increasing popularity of “Big Data”, the databank of the CEO online shop system integrates with different social media platforms perfectly, allowing you to provide your valuable customers with a more interactive experience and helping you gain a thorough understanding of the needs of customers.

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